Our Company

Seitz Technical Products, Inc. is a high tech mechanical design manufacturing company. Marketing and sales drive our research and development which feeds the design department. These designs are then fabricated by our machine shop, sheet metal fabrication, metal finishing and assembly department. For over 25 years the company has produced carts for the medical/surgical markets.

The company's strength lies in its ability to interpret customer problems and manifest its electronic and electro-mechanical design into effective solutions to produce products for the medical industry. Our carts are used in OR's around the USA and overseas.


Several notable products of Seitz are the original SmartKart, a high quality lightweight cart for Endoscopic Surgery. The CLA Kart, The DAVI Kart. The SmartKart Jr. Accessory products include: The Flexible Scope Cabinet which holds 3 flexible scopes and can be wall mounted or on the DAVI Kart, a Dual Tank Gas Switching Control Valve that allows switching CO2 tanks without interrupting procedures, and a Mobile Monitor Stand. New innovative products are constantly being developed.


Seitz Technical Products is located in Avondale, Pennsylvania.

Telephone: 610-268-2228 • Fax: 610-268-2229

Email: Sales@seitz.com

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